The MIS Challenge: Customer Survey

School MIS vendors have responded with what their product can do. We hope you, as a school and a customer or future customer of these products, have found this useful so far.

What is just as important to schools looking to procure a new MIS (or any product), is advice and reviews from past and current customers of those products.

This survey is designed to provide that conduit of information for others to see and make use of your valuable experiences.

There are just 6 pages with 16 mandatory questions. There are several more optional questions if you have more time inviting more descriptive answers. While optional, these answers will prove extremely useful to schools and give you the ability to expand on your experiences.

Please give an honest opinion based on your experiences with the product to make them as useful to other schools as possible. Please refrain from defamatory or abusive remarks as the response may not be published. If you experiences have been less than satisfactory, then say so, but explain why! Equally, if you have had a positive experience, tell everyone why and how the vendor exceeded your expectations!

Survey responses will be collated and shared only on this website; your details, responses any anything else submitted will not be shared elsewhere and only used for this survey and project (unless consent is given to share with the MIS vendor), and then only with them). The responses will be collated and reported on the website over time as more responses are submitted.

NOTE: By responding to this survey, you agree that your responses and comments MAY be used and displayed on this website.You have the option at the end of the survey to submit your name, school and contact details or parts thereof, and also the option to allow your response to be shared with the vendor in question (Although, remember that by responding you agree that your comments may appear on the website regardless), whether named or anonymously, displayed or not. Remember too that the whole point of responding to this survey is to publicly help many other schools in their decision process!

And finally, thank you in advance for responding and better empowering schools to find out the information they need to make a positive decision about their next MIS.

Graham Reed
The Eduware Network


The Survey