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BETT 2016 & Data Exchange

BETT 2016 has been and gone. For me it was another fantastic experience to be able to engage with educators and vendors and identify the next wave of trends hitting the sector. And while sadly innovation has this year been

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Latest from SIF and my work with the SIF Association

I have had the pleasure of working with the SIF Association both in the UK and globally for over 2 years now. And I am happy to announce that I was re-elected to the SIF UK Technical Board for another

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Advanced Learning: Progresso User Group – What a difference a day, and some analytics, makes.

When I first started writing this piece I wanted for focus on the technology and the recent event I was invited to by Advanced Learning, but quickly I found there was a lot more I wanted to say about how

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Why schools should be sending IT bods, not just teachers, to BETT 2015.

The same dilemma stroke argument appears around this time each and every year, and this year is no different it seems: Who should a school be sending along to BETT in London? BETT is an amazing event, a true mix

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BETT 2015 – Circus full of High Flyers, Shows of Strength and the occasional Clown.  

With Christmas fast approaching, my mind on seasonal telly, putting feet up and badly wrapping presents, one eye is firmly on the post-Yuletide tradition of BETT. This year marks the 8th BETT show, 6th consecutive attendance and 5th as an

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Freedom of Information Requests to Schools – You really should know what the rules are

A subject that comes up time and time again in various mediums, but it particular on my favourite haunt is the topic of Freedom of Information requests being made to schools. More often than not, these requests are being made to

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DfE ‘Stops’ Schools Performance Data Project (SPDP); The Future of DX?

Yesterday, the Department for Education dealt the interconnected education data landscape a likely terminal blow by ‘stopping’ the Schools Performance Data Project (SPDP); the data warehouse replacement for all schools collected data. With Data Exchance (DX) forming the crutial front-end

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