The Eduware Network (Then Eduware Consulting) officially formed in 2011, but in reality the skills, knowledge and overall ethos: “Get as much as you can out of the systems, constraints and boundaries you have as a school, through efficient, informed and expert use of those systems” have been in practice for over 12 years.

Graham Reed

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The Eduware Network was founded by Graham Reed, a technologist, speaker and trainer who has worked in many education sector areas and with many providers and their data systems. Graham has advised on the development of some of the top systems in operation today, utilising experience from both sides of the market (as a customer and supplier) and a robust ability to visualise, contextualise and objectively design solutions for any scenario.

But his passion lies with the people, and coming full circle to ultimately providing the best service and experience for the people using the system, through design, choice of applications, use of what is already in place and generally being better informed as to what can be achieved

Degree educated and a member of the British Computer Society, as well as sitting on the techincal board for the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), Graham offers a unparalleled unique insight on the MIS, data and innovation workspace in the education sector.

Please connect with Graham and share your thoughts and feedback, via the Connect Links or using the Contact Edu. form page

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