Latest from SIF and my work with the SIF Association

I have had the pleasure of working with the SIF Association both in the UK and globally for over 2 years now. And I am happy to announce that I was re-elected to the SIF UK Technical Board for another year, allowing me to continue my work to promote SIF in the UK on all projects currently underway, as well as continue my work on the International Technical Board, specifically as lead of the Data Privacy Task Force.

Today (March 31, 2015), the Data Privacy group, care of the SIF Board, released a vast number of resources for public review and implementation.

“These artifacts are the first draft in a series of tools and effective practices generated by global educational institutions (including LEAs and SEAs) and vendors participating in the SIF Association Data Privacy Task Force. In this first release, the group has published Student Data Privacy Use Case Template examples for data sharing in a US State Longitudinal Data Systems, UK Social Care / Looked After Children and US Free and Reduced Lunch. More use cases are being identified and they would welcome input from the educational marketplace to prioritize their next set of examples for general release. Also published is a Student Data Privacy Stewardship and Data Breach example for the North American marketplace, which can be utilized immediately ‘off page’ by any organization.”

Here is what I had to say in the article:

“The Association recognized the rapid changes in trends for sharing of data between school systems” commented Graham Reed, Product Architect at Groupcall and co-Lead of the SIF Data Privacy Task Force. He added “while continuing to fully support this, we wanted to ensure adequate safeguards were promoted amongst SIF members and SIF consumers. Appropriate consumption of student information is vitally important in 2015 and beyond, but so is the privacy and protection of data. The Task Force has pulled on the best data privacy experts and SIF associates from around the globe to offer a toolset of flexible resources to be used right from the off, ensuring that data privacy is not seen as a burden to data sharing.”

Larry Fruth II, Ph.D, CEO/Executive Director at the SIF Association states “As an Association with a large end-user community base we are thrilled to release this document, which has been spearheaded by Community members in response to the concerns around data privacy, in particular student data. With many vendor organizations offering quick and easy solutions to access student data, it is important that we remember what impacts this can have on individual learners. All data exchange must be secure and controlled at the local source to ensure full compliance with current regulatory policy. Members of this SIF Task Force are strong leaders in their educational fields, and I look forward to leveraging their expertise to provide further quality, tangible information to the marketplace over the coming months.”

The full article can be found here

To find out more about the SIF Association and the work I and other dedicated individuals from the UK, US and Australia have been doing, click here

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