BREAKING: The MIS Analytics project is back…

The MIS Analytics project, care-of the Eduware Network, is now back with an all-new interactive interface via Microsoft PowerBI.

“I am very pleased to be able to return to this project after over a year away, in part learning new skills to be able to present the original vision of an interactive and detailed analytics platform for the MIS stats”

There is now a streamlined website design focusing solely on the analytics and a completely overhauled data warehouse to enable much faster processing of the information as new data collections are sourced and added.

“Using PowerBI enables you to drill down and explore the data in real time, and provides the other original vision for the project by allowing you to discover and analyse the trends and changes yourself.”

Start exploring the MIS Analytics now:

MIS Analytics

Graham Reed
Founder, Eduware Network
Founder, MIS Analytics Project

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