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Management Information Systems are now the single most business critical application in any educational establishment, and central to the efficient and robust running of schools.

The important of such a system being reliable, fully utilised and suitably feature-rich for each school is paramount, as is the application’s cost effectiveness and its ability to provide true value for money and a proven acceptable total cost-of-ownership over the lifetime of the product.

For all these aspects, recent government legislation as well as changes in perceptions of information use in education means that such analysis and methodologies for improvement no longer lie just in administration, but across the entire education community.

From this, the MIS Challenge – AKA The MIS Survey, was born.

Graham Reed & the Eduware Network  have over 12 years experience in the education, data and IT sectors and provides impartial information, advice and guidance in all areas of school MIS, data procedures, change management, disaster planning and recovery, and above all getting every last pennies-worth out of the systems schools have in place.

While offering such expert advice, the Eduware Network has an underlying aim: To make information about education data and management systems as high profile, as freely available and as public as possible; working with vast and diverse networks to raise the profile of the options available to schools to allow them to make the most informed choices possible, and to remove the barriers to finding out the details of products on offer.

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