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A message from Graham Reed; Founder of Eduware Network and originator of the annual MIS market analysis project:


“It is with mixed feelings that I announce that I will no longer be updating this site with the annual MIS market stats, effective immediately.

4 years ago, I started a project to help schools make the most informed choices they could when buying or changing their MIS – likely the most disruptive, costly and important decision a school can make around software and data. For a good part of my career working in schools, with schools and even for an MIS vendor, I was astonished to find that schools knew about only 2-3 MIS suppliers, some believing only 2-3 existed. This meant that schools were not making the best choice, best use of public money, and not in many cases finding the best system FOR THEM.

So I created the MIS Stats project (Formally the MIS Challenge), to show the education market just the facts, who has what, how each vendor is doing, and more than anything to raise awareness that there are 10+ vendors out there worth taking note of – you might still choose your current MIS, or go with the choice you were going to make, but you can now make an informed choice with all the facts to hand – and so it really is the BEST, COST EFFECTIVE choice FOR YOU.

4 years later, I could not be more proud of the success of this project, in terms of its popularity, its usefulness and above all the awareness schools now have of the choices of MIS available. I have had over 700 unique enquiries in those 4 years, from schools, LAs, MATs, vendors, software suppliers, the media and the DfE themselves.

With my own career pivoting, with the core statistical information much more readily available, and with awareness generally at a high in the market, I am leaving this project at this point and will leave the data here as an archive for the past 7 years of data. (since 2010). While very sad to see this project end in its current form, I am so very happy and proud of what it has achieved, and what 1 man with a big mouth can change!

Thank you for your support over the years, and look out for my next project.”


Graham Reed
Founder, Eduware Network
Founder, MIS Stats Research Project

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